Dry Needling Physiotherapy in Delhi

Dry needling physiotherapy was initially introduced to provide relief from muscular pain and stiffness. It can also act as a cosmetic therapy where the wounds developed by prickling of the skin with needles cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger.

The main difference between dry needling physiotherapy and acupuncture is that dry needling therapy is a western concept while acupuncture is a traditional Chinese methodology that is thousands of years old. The similarity between these two practices is that both use very thin, solid, filament needles. But both these practices have a distinct methodology and approach.


 However, when this therapy is administered incorrectly or under unsanitary circumstances, there are substantial dangers and adverse effects that can be life-threatening. Minor side effects include bruising, bleeding, dizziness or pain, followed by the more severe ones such as vomiting, skin irritation or seizure.

Dry needling physiotherapy from unqualified or inexperienced professionals is hazardous. As of now, there are very few renowned dry needling physiotherapy in Delhi. One among them is the Zone Active Physiotherapy Clinic in Chattarpur, New Delhi. Here, we provide you a range of physiotherapy services apart from physio needle therapy by professionals trained in some of the most prestigious institutes, so you can be sure that they’re knowledgeable about everything from orthopaedic ailments, neurological disorder, sports injuries to chronic pain management. We have delivered quality service across India as well as internationally.