Orthopaedic physiotherapy in Delhi

Pain related to joints, ligaments or even your muscles can be worrisome. You may experience sudden pain in your joints, lower back, uneasiness or stiffness in muscles, or discomfort caused by posture. An orthopaedic concern can be any pain or discomfort caused in your musculoskeletal system due to arthritis, accident, sports injuries, joint pain or stiffness, etc. All such body ache and distress can be well treated using ortho physiotherapy or orthopaedic physiotherapy in Delhi.

Orthopaedic physio therapy, also known as ortho-physiotherapy, is the treatment given to relieve your from your muscular and skeletal problems. It involves treatment of your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other connective tissues via some form of physical therapy. A physical therapist will analyse your condition thoroughly and propose various treatment options such as exercises, hot/cold therapy, electrical stimulation, tissue manipulation, and so on.



    Orthopaedic physiotherapy can help in treating a wide range of body issues beginning from a simple back pain to even muscular dystrophy. Some of the conditions that can be treated include:


    • Arthritis
    • Bursitis
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Knee instability
    • Joint pain
    • Limited range of motion
    • Ligament injury
    • Sports injury
    • Planter fasciitis
    • Cervical pain
    • Lower back pain
    • Muscular dystrophy
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Hip replacement
    • Knee replacement


    Are you a victim of severe muscle and joint ache? Is carrying out basic physical activities proving to be a huge task? Do not hesitate. Zoneactive is one of the best physiotherapy clinics available in Delhi, currently. We have a team of excellent physical therapists who are skilled and experienced across various specialization. We will help you understand your condition, give you the right treatment options and make a suitable treatment plan that will cater to all your orthopaedic needs.

    Sports physiotherapy in Delhi

    Sports physiotherapy is a specialized form of physiotherapy that deals with sports related injuries. Sports physiotherapy aims at prevention and management of musculoskeletal injuries and problems that can be caused as a result of strong physical work. Whether the sport is running a marathon, weight lifting, playing cricket or football, each injury should be given proper medical attention and treatment. Sports physiotherapy in Delhi deals with bringing the athletes out of pain and promoting active lifestyle.



    Sports injuries are distinct from ordinary injuries and typically occur while engaging in sports, exercise, or heavy trainings. These heavy exercises and trainings tend to put more pressure on joints, ligaments and muscles and can make them more prone to injury. Sport injuries can also happen by overtraining, poor conditioning, and improper technique while executing a particular task. Injury risk also increases if proper warm up is not done before working out or participating in any physical activity.



    People who don’t play regularly or lead a sedentary lifestyle are also more prone to injury if they play a full swing sporting activity due to the lack of flexibility in muscles. Some of the injuries treated are muscle strain or pull, torn ACL, torn MCL, shin splits, sprained ankle, plantar fasciitis, and tennis elbow.



    Sports therapists are skilled individuals that can provide hands-on treatment and rehabilitation to the athlete and helps in improving their quality of life. Our sports physiotherapists at Zone Active examine an injury, identify the underlying cause, design customized treatment plans, and help you heal and recover from your injury. We also suggest precautionary measures to avoid similar injuries in the future.

    Post-operative Rehabilitation

    Post-operative rehabilitation is a programme that aims to restore joint motion, muscular strength around the joint, and, eventually, joint function following surgery.

    We, at Zone active Physiotherapy Clinic, tailor the rehabilitation regimens to the specific operative procedure. That is why surgeons, physiotherapists, and patients collaborate to achieve the patient’s functional goals. A registered physiotherapist should supervise these rehabilitation exercises.


    It is critical to remember that recovery is a lengthy process. While the surgeons complete the operation in a matter of hours, rehabilitation can take weeks to months, and in extreme circumstances, up to a year.

    Post Stroke Rehabilitation

    A stroke patient can regain skills that are suddenly lost when a region of the brain is injured with the aid of rehabilitation. It is also critical to prevent the patient from developing new medical conditions such as pneumonia, Urinary track infections, fall injuries, or clot formation in large veins.

    According to research, the most important components of any neurorehabilitation programme are repetition and carefully directed, well-focused practice—the same kind of practise that everyone needs to learn a new skill, such as dancing. The neurorehabilitation programme must be personalised to address the damaged stroke-related skills, such as weakness, poor coordination, difficulties walking, loss of sensation, weak hand grasp, vision loss, and difficulty speaking or understanding.

    The functions originally located in the damaged area of the brain transfer to other brain regions. According to research, this is done by physiotherapy and regular practise promotes this rewiring of brain circuits (called neuroplasticity). Additionally, rehabilitation offers fresh techniques to make up for any residual limitations. For instance, if one’s ability to utilise language has been impacted, learning how to bathe, dress, and use assistive equipment with one hand may be necessary.

    Physiotherapists at Zone Active Physiotherapy Clinic, are experts in the treatment of disabilities caused by motor and sensory deficits. They aid in the restoration of physical functioning by examining and treating mobility, balance, and coordination issues. Exercises to strengthen muscles, enhance coordination, and restore range of motion may be part of a physical therapy programme, as may constraint-induced therapy, in which an unaffected limb is immobilised, forcing the person to utilise the affected limb to regain movement and function.
    You or someone you know suffered stroke, recently?
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    Pain Management

    Physiotherapy is a safe and cost-efficient method of pain management.
    Physiotherapists play an important role in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain.

    Following a thorough evaluation, the physiotherapist will collaborate with you to create a treatment plan that will help you manage your pain while also addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms to prevent recurrence.

    At Zone Active Physio Clinic, expert physiotherapists advise pain alleviation exercises, therapeutic devices, and education to prevent further deterioration in acute pain.
    In the case of chronic pain, physiotherapists work on root cause management. They teach you some coping skills and crucial lifestyle changes.

    Based on the latest research done on pain, multimodal physiotherapy is the most successful method of pain management. A multimodal physiotherapy plan incorporates education, awareness, mindfulness, ergonomics, muscle re-learning, exercises, pain relief machines, and a few techniques that your therapist performs on you, such as manual therapy – A mixture of all has led to many success stories.

    Methods and modes of pain management:
    1. Therapeutic exercises that work like pain killers.
    2. Electro-modality includes laser, ultrasound, TENS, IFT, Russian currents, and superficial heating modalities.
    3. Education to identify and avoid factors that aggravate pain.
    4. Techniques and coping strategies, such as relaxation, help to facilitate pain relief.

    Since everyone experiences pain differently, the pain management protocol also varies people to people.
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